Amy Winehouse dreamed of having "a couple of kids".

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

The 'Back to Black' singer - who died from alcohol poisioning aged 27 in July 2011 - longed to have a family of her own and her friends think she would have made a "beautiful mother".

New BBC documentary 'Reclaiming Amy' features an interview with the troubled star, in which she was asked where she wanted to be in 10 years.

She replied: “I would like to have a couple of kids, two or three.”

Her friend Catriona Gourlay said: “She wanted to be a mum.”

Chantelle Dusette added: “She would have been a beautiful mum.”

Elsewhere in the documentary, Catriona spoke about her "undefined" relationship with the 'Rehab' singer, who she lived with, and admitted it left the star "confused", while another pal confirmed the duo "slept together".

Catriona said: “She used to write notes while I was sleeping, saying things like, ‘You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,’ and, ‘How can you look as beautiful asleep as you do awake.’ Our relationship was so unique. Undefined. We just loved each other very much.

“What I took from it was that she was confused about what it made her. It’s the thing I think that is so fundamental in understanding her and the things that troubled her. She said in an interview, ‘I’m not a lesbian until I’ve had three Sambucas.’

"Perhaps people don’t realise there were other relationships in her life where somebody did love her and care about her.”

Amy’s stylist Naomi Parry added: “It was just a funny thing. Cat and Amy slept together and that was it.”

The trio also reflected on Amy's battle with addiction and admitted they felt she was trying to hide her other problems.

Naomi said: “She basically switched one addiction to another, she swapped drugs for alcohol and that was the problem.

"The addiction was a by-product of something else much deeper. She didn’t want to admit that she had mental health issues, because it was a time when people didn’t understand it and she thought, ‘They are going to lock me up if they realise I have mental health issues’.”

Amy’s mum, Janis Winehouse added: “It is only looking back now that I realise how little we understood. She was prone to addiction. She could not stop herself.”

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