Teyana Taylor has been hospitalised with exhaustion after her "body simply just gave out" on her before her most recent concert planned on her farewell tour.

Teyana Taylor pulls out of gig after he body 'gave out' on her

Teyana Taylor pulls out of gig after he body 'gave out' on her

The 30-year-old singer-and-actress - who announced in December that she is retiring from music due to feeling "overlooked" as an artist - was due to perform in Connecticut on Saturday (27.11.21), as part of her 'The Last Rose Petal Farewell Tour', but she took ill and was forced to pull out of the concert.

In a lengthy statement to fans on Instagram alongside a snap from her hospital bed, Teyana wrote: “Thank you for being so understanding.

“Y’all know Petunia don’t miss no shows & most importantly, know I’ve been leaving it all on tha stage for a month straight 1000%. So I am really saddened to have not been able to do the same for you last night

“My team & I tried everything down to the very last second to get me out on that stage, but my body simply just gave out, which actually started a few days ago. SHUT DOWN, my body actually low key betrayed me cause ah b**** was tryna get on that stage.”

She continued: “Y’all know I’m with the s****.

“Y’all have seen me with a broken foot and all types of other crazy s*** but still got on that stage and bodied it… But honestly you have to listen to your body and know when to sit down; or it will definitely sit you down….. in the ER. (sic)"

The 'Rose in Harlem' singer is set to take "the next few days off" to recover, but she vowed to return to Connecticut when she is fit and able.

She added: "mine sat my a** down in the ER for sure but I’ve since got the proper fluids and nutrients put back into my body all night/morning & will take the next few off days to continue to recover. However, I promise I will be back to CT rescheduled and better than ever & all tickets will be honored for yesterday’s show!!!! Shoutout to my lovelies @arilennox & @sevyn for holdin it downnnnn! As well as Heather Lowery and the entire @femmeitforward team for their extreme understanding & support. Shout to @babyjunie4 for holding it down for mommy (sic)"

The run is due to conclude in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 30.