Christine Quinn has blasted trolls who have accused her of faking her traumatic pregnancy.

Christine Quinn calls out 'beyond sick' trolls

Christine Quinn calls out 'beyond sick' trolls

The 'Selling Sunset' realtor was forced to take to social media to call out the "beyond sick" messages she had been inundated with in her DMs, after her dramatic birthing experience with her son, Christian Georges Dumontet - who was born via an "emergency crash C-section" in May - was featured in the latest season of the hit Netflix series.

Sharing one of the messages she received, Christine responded: “K y’all are beyond f****** sick."

Over on Twitter, the 33-year-old reality star demanded those who disrespected her to give her an apology

She continued: “For all yall still mad on pregnancy gate please go look at my ig stories. And apologize.

“This is seriously so hurtful. (sic)"

One of the users had called her pregnancy "alleged", to which she replied: “Please go stalk my ig now, byeeee (sic)."

Another wrote: “You can post a picture of giving birth and these conspiracy people still won’t believe you. Kinda sick.”

And she responded: “so true babe.”

The TV star has just opened up about the hellish birth and revealed that had there been "any traffic" on the roads on the way to the hospital, she and her baby boy would have "probably" died.

Christine recalled the "insanity" of the arrival of her little bundle and the moment her husband Christian Richard was asked, at one point, to choose between her and the baby.

She remembered: “The time I walked into the hospital to the time the baby was born, was 22 minutes.

"If there had been traffic, I would have probably died myself, along with the baby.”

She shared how “my water immediately broke. It was just like in the movies — it was gushing. I couldn’t even put pants on ...

"I was flatlining, the baby was flatlining."

Christine added how “they took my husband out of the room and they said, ‘You need to choose one right now — baby or Christine?’ And he was, like, ‘You need to do both.’

"It was absolute insanity."

A matter of days after she gave birth, the blonde beauty was back to work on the show, despite being "swollen" and struggling to walk.

And she explained how her decision to return to 'Selling Sunset' so soon after to film the current season, was because she wanted to set her side of the story straight - which is why viewers are taken on the warts-and-all journey of the birth, her almost losing the baby, and much more.

Asked if she felt any pressure to return from the show's bosses, Christine added in the interview with The Sunday Times newspaper's STYLE magazine supplement: “No, not really.

“I think it was a decision that I made to go back, because if I don’t tell my story, someone else is going to tell it for me.”

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