Suki Waterhouse has reflected on her "dark and difficult" split from Bradley Cooper.

Suki Waterhouse and her daughter cover British Vogue (Photo by Colin Dodgson)

Suki Waterhouse and her daughter cover British Vogue (Photo by Colin Dodgson)

The 31-year-old beauty - who has a three-month-old daughter with partner Robert Pattinson - began dating the Hollywood superstar in 2013 and she admitted the aftermath of the end of her two-year relationship with the 'Hangover' actor, who is 17 years her senior, was "very isolating and disorientating" and took her a long time to recover from.

She told the new issue of Britain's Vogue magazine: “I really will say that I’m pretty strong at this point, but when something very public happens to you and the story behind it is dark and difficult, and you’re actually not doing well, and you can’t explain yourself to the world, that’s very isolating and disorientating.

“It probably has taken a decade to work myself out and actually be able to have this expansion in my life.”

But the 'Daisy Jones and the Six' star - who also counts musician Miles Kane and actor Diego Luna among her former flames - doesn't think anyone "truly recovers" from heartbreak.

She said: "A lot of it just doesn’t go away.

“Do you feel like you’ve ever truly recovered? I think it always stays in you.”

And the 'Supersad' singer suggested she never felt her past relationships would work out because she was so young, while her partners were much older.

She said: “Your 20s are pretty sadistic.

“The love I experienced [then] was only ever a fetishisation, and I think when you only get loved in that way, you only get punished...

“When you get into your 30s you’re almost instantly afforded a little bit more respect. It’s kind of delightful and shocking at the same time.”

And Suki wouldn't "take anything back" about her past.

She said: “I wouldn’t take anything back. All these chaotic ways that my life went, it was always material.

"[Even when things felt really tough, it has] led me to a love that is really pure and a life now…

"I wake up in the morning feeling really great. I’ll probably go down again at some point, that’s just how it works. But you wear your scars and if you can take them and build them into something and share them, then that’s the ultimate.”

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