The Golden Globes will still be handed out in 2022.

Golden Globes

Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is set to still honour the best performances of 2021 despite NBC previously confirming it wouldn't be airing the annual ceremony in 2022.

A source told Variety: "The HFPA plans to recognise the performances of 2021 to celebrate the great work of the industry this past year at the 79th Annual Golden Globes."

It's said a letter was sent out to film studios on Friday (08.10.21) explaining eligibility rules for the upcoming Golden Globes.

The focus is reportedly on performances, and it's currently unclear whether or not other areas like directing or music will be honoured.

Back in May, NBC cancelled plans to broadcast next year's after the HFPA came under fire for a lack of diversity amongst its members.

In a statement at the time, the HFPA responded: "Regardless of the next air date of the Golden Globes, implementing transformational changes as quickly — and as thoughtfully — as possible remains the top priority for our organisation.

"We invite our partners in the industry to the table to work with us on the systemic reform that is long overdue, both in our organisation as well as within the industry at large."

The organisation then shared a lengthy and detailed timeline of "reform milestones" to show a "commitment to achieving these goals with extreme urgency".

The plan including admitting admit 20 new members by August this year - each with the power to vote - while membership as a whole would increase by 50% within the following 18 months.

The statement also confirmed the organisation would consulting with studios and publicists regarding a new code of conduct, as well as plans for a hotline to respond to any violations.

And the timeline committed to mandatory diversity and inclusion, which comes after it was previously revealed the HFPA did not have a Black member in their line-up of 87 journalists.