Hilaria Baldwin was "kinda proud" of her six-year-old son for being able to spell "F***".

Hilaria Baldwin has six children

Hilaria Baldwin has six children

The 37-year-old yoga instructor was horrified to find little Rafael had used his finger to scrawl "F*** ya poop" in the dust covering their family car but in an attempt to find the "silver lining" in the situation, she admired the youngster's literacy skills.

Showing off Rafael's handiwork on her Instagram Story, she wrote: "He's proud...I'm kind of proud of his spelling a reading. Silver lining??'(sic)"

Hilaria showed off other parts of the car, revealing Rafael had repeatedly written the F-word over the bodywork.

She noted: "It's over the whole car."

After getting her son back inside, Hilaria - who, as well as Rafael, also has Carmen, eight, Leonardo, four, Romeo, three, Eduardo, 14 months, and Maria Lucia, seven months, with husband Alec Baldwin - shared a huge with him by a fireplace and pledged to improve his vocabulary.

She wrote: "Grateful that you can spell... now we can work on some nicer words."

The day ended with Hilaria attempting to relax after enjoying a Thanksgiving meal cooked by the '30 Rock' star but she couldn't help but be distracted by his efforts with their brood.

She wrote: "Grateful that my husband cooked, did some cleaning and is putting the boys to bed.I'm supposed to sit here by the fire he made...I'm hearing wild party screaming from their room.... Let's see how this goes."

Hilaria suffered two miscarriages before having her youngest two kids and she recently admitted that while she is "so blessed" with her six children, she “thinks of the babies [she] lost daily”.

She said at the time: "Resigned and respectful of how my life has unfolded. Allowing for gratitude and grief, wholeness and longing to be the dualities of my reality. We all have different fertility/infertility stories and there are so many ways we can become parents.

"Being a parent truly is caring in the deepest way for another soul ... through that giving energy we nurture ourselves and fill the world with love. I am just as much a mother to my Angel babies as I am to the ones I can physically hold in my arms."