Jeannie Mai Jenkins has welcomed her first child into the world.

Jeannie Mai has welcomed her first child into the world

Jeannie Mai has welcomed her first child into the world

The 'Real' co-host took to Instagram to reveal she and her rapper husband Jeezy's happy news by posting a picture of a baby blanket.

She added the caption: "I asked God for a life of love and happiness.

He sent me my family.

Baby Jenkins is here"

But Jeannie is yet to reveal the little one's name, or their sex.

In November, the 43-year-old TV presenter admitted she didn't want to know the gender of her baby.

She explained: "I don't want to because I realised, how many surprises do you actually have in life? This is the ultimate one.

"I want to have a gender-free planning with my husband. So everything that we are excited to do should apply to the child, no matter if it's a boy or a girl."

Jeannie broke the news of her pregnancy in September on 'The Real'.

She said: "We've been going strong for eight seasons, and for the first seven seasons I kept telling the ladies, 'I will never have a baby.' So I always listened from that angle. [So] to go through a whole life transformation because of a relationship and because of growth and evolution, I'm learning this in real time."

Falling in love with Jeezy - who has three children from previous relationships - helped Jeannie realise she wanted to have children.

She said: "I absolutely think meeting somebody with such a maturity and such a beautiful vision on life... meeting somebody where you could actually learn what a healthy relationship looks like, things grew from that soil."

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