Jenna Jameson is in hospital and unable to walk.

Jenna Jameson is in hospital

Jenna Jameson is in hospital

The former porn star's partner, Lior Bitton - with who she has four-year-old daughter Batel - revealed over the weekend she was having tests after "not feeling so good" and was subsequently diagnosed with auto-immune disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Lior explained Jenna had been vomiting at home for two weeks and went to hospital, but was sent home before taking a turn for the worse.

He said in a video shared to Instagram: “Then she came back home and she couldn’t carry herself. Her muscles in her legs were very weak. So she wasn’t able to walk to the bathroom. She was falling on the way back or to the bathroom, I would have to pick her up and carry her to bed. And then within two days, it got really not so good, her legs started to not hold her, she wasn’t able to walk.”

The businessman took the 47-year-old star back to hospital, where she was tested and diagnosed with the condition, which sees a person's own immune system damage the nerves, often leading to permanent damage though symptoms can last anything from a few weeks to several years.

Jenna is currently being given a high dose of immunoglobulin therapy.

Lior added: “She’s doing physical therapy to try and stand on her legs, but at the moment she cannot stand on her legs. They’re starting the treatment so they’ll see how it goes. So keep praying.”

The 'New Devil in Miss Jones' star - whose former partner, Tito Ortiz, has custody of their 12-year-old twins Jesse and Journey - confirmed her diagnosis in an Instagram video on Monday (10.01.22) as she thanked fans for their kind messages.

And Jenna - who has shared anti-vaccine views in the past - was quick to insist

On Monday, Jameson posted a video confirming her diagnosis, thanking fans for their good wishes before writing: “I did NOT get the jab or any jab. This is NOT a reaction to the jab. Thank you for your concern.” (Jameson has previously espoused anti-vaccine views on her social media.)

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