Lamar Odom has signed a new Celebrity Boxing deal.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

The 41-year-old former basketball star will be fighting again on October 10 and is currently looking for an opponent, Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman told TMZ Sports.

Last month, Lamar took on 33-year-old singer Aaron Carter at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City and was victorious within two rounds of the three-round competition.

While both stars came out swinging, onlookers insisted that Lamar - who is 10 inches taller than Aaron - was clearly in control from the beginning.

Aaron went down halfway through the second round but there were no hard feelings as the pair shared a hug at the end.

Lamar had previously predicted that he would knock Aaron out in the first round.

He said: "It's not gon' be a fight. It ain't gon' be a fight."

When asked if he could knock Carter out in the first round, Lamar said: "Yeah. Probably, I would say the first minute."

Meanwhile, back in May, Lamar was sued by his ex-partner Liza Morales after she accused him of not paying child support for their kids in almost a year.

In court documents obtained by RadarOnline, 'Basketball Wives' star Liza claimed she and children Destiny Odom, 23, and Lamar Odom Jr., 19 were at risk of being evicted from their Lower Manhattan apartment because they could not pay the rent due to Lamar's "unilateral stoppage of all support."

The documents stated: "In June 2020, Lamar stopped providing any support save for sporadic amounts sent directly to LJ, placing their son in a very difficult situation."

Liza claimed that LJ was unable to attend a four-year college because of the financial issues and that he was forced to resort to a community college.

However, Lamar denied all of the accusations.

His representative told the New York Post: "Before Lamar signed up to do the docuseries on his recovery a year and a half ago and the Celebrity Boxing match, he coordinated deals for Morales to be financially stable during that period.

"During the past year and a half Odom knew he had to step away from work in order to get his mental health and addiction in order. Odom loves his children and wants them to see their father win a difficult battle. Lamar knows he owes it to his children and community to get better in order to continue to be a provider."

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