Nick Cannon is against the "Eurocentric concept" of marriage.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

The comedian and television presenter has seven children with multiple women - three that were born to different partners within a matter of months - and he admits he doesn't believe in the idea that "you’re supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life".

Speaking about marriage and partnership, he said: "That’s a Eurocentric concept … the idea that you’re supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life. The idea that a man should have one woman. We shouldn’t have anything. I have no ownership over this person."

The 40-year-old comedian lets the women in his life "lead" with the decisions.

She said: "Every woman in my life that I deal with or [have] dealt with … they know how I feel. And it usually is a concept like, I'm not going around like, 'Who am I gonna impregnate next?' When you really look at the family infrastructure, the woman is the one that always leads and makes decisions."

Nick might "understand" the institution of marriage but he doesn't agree with it.

Speaking on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, he added: "Those women, and all women, are the ones that open themselves up and say, 'I would like to allow this man into my world and I will birth this child.' It ain’t my decision. I’m just following suit. If we’re really talking about how we co-exist and how we populate, it’s about what exchange can we create together. I understand the institution of marriage, but if we go back to what that was about … it was to classify property."

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