Teri Hatcher thinks it would be "wonderful" if she found love again.

Teri Hatcher is open to finding love again

Teri Hatcher is open to finding love again

The 59-year-old actress is currently single and while she hasn't dated in a long time, Teri still remains open to the possibility of finding love once again.

The Hollywood star - who has been married twice before - told 'Extra': "I definitely have an open heart if I met the right guy. That would be wonderful, but mostly I date my cat at this point.

"She’s so freaking cute. You just look at her little face and I can’t stand it. I just love her."

Although Teri is currently single, the actress insisted that she's very happy with where she's at in her life.

She said: "I love my life. I love my friends."

Teri recently admitted that she's "sort of given up" on dating.

The actress explained that she decided to focus on herself, after being kicked off of Hinge, the popular dating app.

Teri - who previously played Susan Delfino on the hit TV show 'Desperate Housewives' - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "There was enough people that I did not respond to, because they would text me things like, are you still ‘real and spectacular’? - and I’m like, OK, that’s not who I want to date."

Teri remains open to finding love - but it's not her focus.

She said: "I mean, I don’t want to say I’ve given up. My heart is open.

"But, you know, I have lovely friends. I travel, I experience things. I take care of my parents. I love my cats. I garden. I go to the beach ... It’s just a very full life and the truth is, I think this person, if there ever is one, is just going to have to be really special, you know."

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