Tori Spelling's estranged husband Dean McDermott is celebrating a year since he got sober.

Dean McDermott is celebrating his one-year anniversary since getting sober

Dean McDermott is celebrating his one-year anniversary since getting sober

The 57-year-old actor - who split from Tori last summer after 18 years together - has revealed he got clean exactly 12 months ago after spending time in a drug and alcohol treatment centre which he has credited with saving his life.

In a post on Instagram, Dean wrote: "Last week was an incredible week of love, hugs and recovery. Thank you to my Sponsor, my Sponsee Brothers and everyone in the fellowship for celebrating my 1 year birthday.

"A special thanks to [treatment centre] @_harmonyplace J,D and H for saving my life. If you’re struggling with addiction, just surrender and ask for help.

"We’re here waiting for you, to love you, until you love yourself. A beautiful life awaits you. Just reach out your hand. #recovery #change."

Since kicking his addiction issues, Dean has gone on to train as a drug and alcohol counsellor.

Prior to sharing his anniversary update, Dean shared a candid post on Instagram revealing his issues were rooted in a lack of self-love - and learning to forgive himself was a huge part of his recovery process.

He explained: "This was a game changer in my recovery. I didn’t give self love the time of day. I thought it was granola spiritual BS. I thought I was a piece of SH@T and would always be one.

"Was I ever wrong. For those of you out there suffering, give yourself a break, find forgiveness for yourself and your actions. You are not your addiction. Much love."

Tori, 50, filed for divorce from Dean in March - nine months after the 'Due South' actor first revealed the couple were no longer together - and she later admitted she stayed in the marriage for "longer" than she should have because she worries her status will prevent her from ever finding a happy relationship.

During an episode of her 'misSpelling' podcast, Tori explained: "One of my biggest fears, and this perhaps did make me stay longer, is I feel like in our world it’s difficult to be with a man and have him not feel emasculated. Not by our doing, but by who we are and have been labeled by society."

She went on to add: "We’re not just women who make money. We’re women that have power, we’re women that have fame. I don’t know any different. I feel guilty. "Like, how am I ever gonna be with a man and he doesn’t feel like less than me just because of my status?"

Tori and Dean are parents to five children together - Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, seven.