Jo Wood has seen UFOs.

Jo Wood

Jo Wood

The 63-year-old former model has recalled two close encounters with apparent alien life whilst she was on vacation in Brazil with her ex-husband, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, and she is in no doubt that what she saw was beings from another planet.

Speaking to the Sunday People newspaper, she said: "I love aliens. I've seen a UFO in Brazil. I was with Ronnie and one night he goes 'Jo, here's some weird lights over the sea.'

"I walked out and thought, 'What is he on about?' Then the lights lifted up off the sea and shot into the sky. I went, 'Oh s**t.'

"In the next day's newspaper, it said 'UFO invades Brazil' hundreds of people had seen the same thing so I knew I wasn't mad.

"Another time we were flying over Brazil. I was looking down and these green orbs came right up and went by our windows. I've been obsessed with aliens ever since. We can't be the only beings in this universe."

Jo recently appeared on 'Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls' and her experience of being back with nature has inspired her to clean up planet Earth and end people's dependency on single use plastic.

The glamorous blonde - who has started recording a podcast entitled 'Jo's Alien Nation', focuses on aliens and the need to clean up the planet's oceans - said: "We trudged through the jungle and there it all was on the beach, bottles, Lego, nets, flip-flops, Walt Disney toys. It's horrible. I don't know how we have got like this.

"But we are at an exciting point now. It feels like there is revolution and everyone is aware about plastic, food and what we put in our systems."

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