A 'Deadpool and Wolverine' crossover is coming to 'Call Of Duty'.

Deadpool and Wolverine crossover with Call Of Duty?

Deadpool and Wolverine crossover with Call Of Duty?

Dataminers have uncovered evidence of the crossover - including clips of a finishing move - in 'Modern Warfare 3' - which will be a tie in with the upcoming blockbuster movie.

Metro Gamine reports that the evidence was first uncovered by dataminer crashfty, "through an animation showing what appears to be a Deadpool finishing move, where a character rolls around his opponent and gives a cheeky wave in typical Ryan Reynolds’ style".

A Wolverine finishing move also appears to be included.

Data mining is the process of searching and analysing a large batch of raw data in order to identify patterns and extract useful information.

'Modern Warfare 3' will be released on July 24, while the movie will follow two days later on July 26.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds recently revealed he worked out at 4.30am while shooting 'Deadpool and Wolverine'.

The 47-year-old actor also produced the blockbuster so had to take the time to fit in his sessions with long-time trainer Don Saladino when he could, and even if Ryan wasn't feeling well, he couldn't take a break.

Don told Australia's Men's Health magazine: "That’s what really becomes challenging working with these actors: it’s not like everyone thinks, [that] it’s all cushy.

“If he wakes up with a terrible sore throat, he’s puking, or whatever – it’s not like, ‘Oh, I can’t come in today.’ What are you kidding me? There’s a hundred people down on set right now.”