Robyn Lawley insists Sports Illustrated "don't care about stretch marks or cellulite".

Robyn Lawley has heaped praise on Sports Illustrated for not caring about body imperfections

Robyn Lawley has heaped praise on Sports Illustrated for not caring about body imperfections

The 34-year-old Australian beauty - who was the first plus-size model to pose for the publication in 2025 - was full of praise of the swimsuit magazine, which she has posed for countless time, and how they embrace bodies as they are.

She told Page Six Style: “Sports Illustrated has always been very positive.

“They don’t care about stretch marks, they don’t care about cellulite and that really helps me to love my body for what it is.”

Turns out, the brunette beauty had no idea she was pregnant during that very first shoot.

She recalled: “I was recovering from childbirth and pregnancy."

Robyn insisted: “MJ [Day, SI Swim’s editor-in-chief] always makes me feel so good about my body.”

By contrast, Robyn previously admitted she was "just furious" when she heard that the Victoria's Secret fashion show was making a comeback.

The show was revived following a hiatus in 2018 but with a more diverse range of body sizes, and the supermodel "rolled her eyes" when she heard the news as she questioned why that was never the case to begin with.

She told Stellar magazine: "I rolled my eyes massively. I thought, ‘Why didn’t they include curve [models] in the 2018 show?’ It was like they reverted to skinnier [models]. I was just furious. I knew girls who were going through [castings for the show], personal friends who were starving themselves; I knew the situation on an inside level. It was making me more angry. They weren’t fit and healthy, they were starving. [The show is] making this pedestal for teenage girls. I want [the modelling industry] to be more size diverse and age diverse … The day will come, I hope. My body size is still a challenge in this industry."

When the show was cancelled after the 2018 event, Robyn started a campaign encouraging women to boycott the brand for the sake of future generations.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: "Victoria Secret have dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body beautiful. - you can read more in the link of my bio why it’s so important to encourage diversity for our future daughters sake. Until Victoria’s Secret commits to representing ALL women on stage, I am calling for a complete boycott of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s time Victoria’s Secret recognized the buying power and influence of women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities."(sic)