David Arquette is to star in 'The Perfect Gamble'.

David Arquette has landed a role in The Perfect Gamble

David Arquette has landed a role in The Perfect Gamble

The 52-year-old actor is set to feature alongside Daniella Pick – the wife of legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino – in Danny A. Abeckaser's crime drama.

The film will be shot on location in the European nation of Georgia and tells the story of two gamblers who decide to open an illegal casino after they are released from prison.

Pick will play the girlfriend of one of the two main characters as they become entangled with the mafia over the course of the picture.

Abecakser is producing the movie under his 2B Films banner in conjunction with Yoav Gross and Rinati Rokach while Kosta Kondilopolous is writing the script.

The director said: "Working with Arquette is always a no brainer, he adapts to any character and brings a vulnerability and likeability even when you are supposed to dislike them.

"Daniella has been extremely impressive in all of our screen testing and I am excited to get on set and see her really dive into the role. This will be a pivotal part for her, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to direct this movie."

David is known for his role as Dewey Riley in the 'Scream' franchise and was "thrilled" that the fifth installment of the slasher series performed so well at the box office when it was released in 2022 after an 11-year hiatus.

He said: "I was really thrilled, it was really great and they did a wonderful job, and I was really excited for the fans to see it. Keep this franchise alive I think, Ghostface is such an exciting character."