Jennifer Lawrence is to star in and produce 'The Wives'.

Jennifer Lawrence is to star in The Wives

Jennifer Lawrence is to star in The Wives

The 33-year-old actress has boarded the cast of the murder mystery flick that has been acquired by Apple Original Films in what is described as a "highly competitive situation".

Plot details are yet to be revealed, but the film is said to be inspired by the 'Real Housewives' TV franchise that centres on the antics of well-to-do women in various locations across the United States.

Jennifer will produce alongside Justine Ciarrocchi for her Excellent Cadaver company with the pair also joined by Jeremy O. Harris and Josh Godfrey.

No director is on board at the moment, but the script has been written by Michael Breslin and Patrick Foley.

Meanwhile, Jennifer admitted last year that she is "scared" of working alongside Method actors - where performers stay in character even when they aren't filming - as she wouldn't know how to communicate with them off-camera.

Speaking on the YouTube series 'Hot Ones', she said: "I would be scared to work with somebody who’s Method because I would have no idea how to talk to them. Like, do I have to be in character?

"That would just make me nervous. But I haven’t seen another process that I’ve been curious about, because you don’t really know about them all the time."

Lawrence revealed that she learnt a lot about the acting process when she starred opposite Christian Bale in the 2013 film 'American Hustle'.

She said: "I had always been very on/off, on/off until I did ‘American Hustle’ when I worked with Christian Bale and I noticed when the camera started rolling and the crew kind of started preparing like it was going to be 10 seconds or whatever until action, he would start getting ready.

"And then I saw that and I was like, ‘That seems like a really good idea.’ And then I started to do that."