Once your little one reaches toddling age, their needs differ in terms of what to pack for them on a day out. So, here are our top suggestions to include in your bag before you leave the house. 

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Snacks: Most toddlers have an insatiable appetite, so make sure you pack a variety of snacks including fresh fruit and veg. There are lots of reputable baby brands out there that offer healthier alternatives to crisps and bars too so check out what is on offer at your local supermarket that’s age appropriate for your child as these will last longer. 

Drink: Your toddler is probably past the bottle stage, so make sure you have a sippy cup with you at all times. Many of the drinks that are targeted at smaller children are full of sweetners, if you always have a drink of water with you, there’s no need to give them anything else.  

Toys: Toddlers need more stimulation than babies do in terms of toys so always pack a few of their favourite small toys to keep them entertained if you are waiting for food at a restaurant or happen to get stuck in traffic. 

Medicine: Toddlers are at the prime age for teething so having a few things to relieve this discomfort will make the world of difference when you are out and about. Baby Calpol, Ibuprofen and teething gels are always handy to have around if pain strikes. Ask your pharmacist for what is safe for the age of your toddler. 

Nappies and wipes: A staple for any toddler who is not yet potty trained. And always pack an extra packet of wipes as toddlers make far more mess than babies when they eat. You can never have enough wipes when there is a toddler around. 

A bib: Toddlers often miss their mouth when they are trying to feed themselves as it’s all still new to them- so a bib that has a pocket at the bottom to catch all of the bits they drop is the best kind of bib there is. You can simply take it off when they’ve eaten and fold it away to deal with at home. 

Nail clippers: As toddlers are inquisitive, they use their hands a lot to pick up items and examine them, especially if they are new, so their nails often get caught on things and tear. Having some baby nail clippers on your person is great to keep their nails tidy if you notice that one is hanging off and may cause discomfort if it’s pulled.   

Nappy rash cream: This can go along with your medicines in a separate pouch so your little one can’t get hold of it. Great for if you notice your toddler’s skin is getting a little sore and want to nip the rash in the bud before it gets any worse.

Plastic cutlery: If your toddler is trying out cutlery for the first time, this is a handy thing to bring with you as most restaurants only have metal forks, knives and spoons. While your little one is still uncoordinated, plastic cutlery is safer to use.  

Spare socks: Many toddlers enjoy removing their socks and shoes- it’s like a game to them- so having as spare pair of socks in your bag, will stop their little feet getting cold if they decide that they want some barefoot time and drop their socks somewhere never to be found again. 

BONUS: A changing mat, a spare outfit and a book. 

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