Diane Kruger and Jo Joyner are to star in new Paramount+ drama 'Little Disasters'.

Diane Kruger is to star in a new drama

Diane Kruger is to star in a new drama

The upcoming series – which will be adapting Sarah Vaughan's 2020 novel of the same name – follows expectant mothers Jess (Diane) Liz (Jo), Charlotte (Shelley Conn) and Mel (Emily Taaffe), who have little in common "apart from their due dates".

After doctor Liz is forced to decide whether to call social services on her long-time pal Jess, their family lives and friendship begin to unravel once the truth is unmasked.

Diane, 47, said: "I think this series will offer a relatable story which examines the crippling judgement levied upon mothers by society.

"The story so wonderfully explores the fragility of reputation, with the rapid unravelling of Jess’ seemingly perfect life.

"I can’t wait to begin developing Jess’s character and explore the challenges of motherhood through her eyes."

The actresses will appear alongside 'The Peripheral' star JJ Feild – who will play family man Ed – and 'Star Wars: Andor' actor Ben Bailey Smith, who has been cast as Liz's husband Nick.

Jo, 47, is "really looking forward" to working with the cast.

She said: "We meet Liz at a moment when she has to make an impossible choice between her duty as a doctor and loyalty to her friend. I’m really looking forward to working alongside this great cast and to start exploring the impact of Liz’s decision."

Sarah's story - which is being produced by Roughcut Television – will be adapted for the screen by writers Ruth Fowler and Amanda Duke, while Ash Atalla, Alex Smith and Marianna Abbotts are to executive produce.

Reflecting on the upcoming series, Marianna said: "We are so excited to bring Sarah Vaughan’s gripping and thought-provoking novel, 'Little Disasters', to the screen.

"Ruth Fowler and Amanda Duke’s brilliant scripts stay true to the themes in the book and shine a light on the dark reaches and intense love of motherhood. We are thrilled that such incredible acting talent, Diane Kruger and Jo Joyner, will be bringing Jess and Liz to life."

The production of 'Little Disasters' has commenced, and the series will be available exclusively on Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland.

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