Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke's joint tour will go ahead as planned.

Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke's joint tour will go ahead

Giovanni Pernice and Anton Du Beke's joint tour will go ahead

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' stars are due to kick off their 'Anton Giovanni Together' tour on June 14 and there are no plans to cancel, despite Giovanni being mired in controversy after some of his celebrity partners are said to have complained about his conduct.

A source told The Mirror: "This has been a really difficult time for Giovanni but the tour with Anton is going ahead. There is no reason for it to be cancelled or even postponed. Gio has not been found guilty of anything, though he is the subject of much speculation. The Back Together tour will go ahead, and he and Anton will be standing up on stage together as they have done for many tours."

However, their travel show for the BBC has reportedly been put on ice while an investigation takes place..

A source told The Sun: "Giovanni and Anton had conversations about another travel show and had discussed where they could go next after their trips to Sicily and Spain. But Giovanni has now been told this won't be happening and there will not be another series. It's embarrassing because he'd actively hinted about getting another run but all discussions are off and he's been told the show is on the scrap heap now."

Despite facing criticism for the way he allegedly treats his partners, Giovanni, 33, previously emphasised he only wants to do his best for the contestants.

He explained to the Sunday Mirror’s ‘Invite Only’ podcast: “I am a perfectionist, 100 per cent, but it comes from a perspective of caring. I think all of the professional dancers are in the same place.

“In every single part of the world, if you’re a professional dancer on one of these shows, you have to get these people looking the best they can on Saturday night.

“And if we have good scores at the end, I do look back and say, ‘I’ve done a great job’. But we all care about our partners and we want that for them every single week – to look great on a Saturday.

“There’s no specific way that you are, or have to be with your celebrity. You make the most of their strengths so the only thing that’s constant is the fact that you have to do a show on Saturday night.”

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