Joel Dommett is “so excited” he’s becoming a daytime presenter for the first time.

Joel Dommett is ‘so excited’ he’s becoming a daytime presenter for the first time

Joel Dommett is ‘so excited’ he’s becoming a daytime presenter for the first time

‘The Masked Singer’ presenter, 38, is heading for a stint as the host of Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show on Thursday (30.05.24) and Friday – and is bringing his wife Hannah Cooper and mum Penny along to make the job a family affair.

Joel told the Daily Mirror: “I can’t believe I’m going on ‘Lorraine’ for two days! I love being a guest and I’m so excited to be temporarily filling her wonderful shoes.

“It’s the comfiest seat on telly by far so I can’t wait to sit on it for a full hour. Tune in for some wholesome morning niceness.”

Joel and model Hannah, 34, who have eight-month-old son Wilde, will be pitted against each other in a ‘Masked Stylist’ challenge on the show.

And the host’s mum Penny, who is a landscape designer, will be using her skills to show viewers how to care for their house plants this summer, in a segment to be titled ‘Perfect Plants with Penny’.

Lorraine Kelly, 64, is being replaced by Joel as she is taking a few days holiday.

She said about how she is delighted he is stepping into her shoes: “I’m so happy we can unmask Joel as the host of my show on Thursday and Friday of this week.

“He will be keeping my sofa warm for me whilst I’m away.

“This is a first for Joel and I know he’ll do a wonderful job.

“He’s one of the best in the business and I couldn’t be more pleased to be handing him the reins for a couple of days.”

Lorraine took part in ‘The Masked Singer’ in January as the character Owl, and at the time Joel said before she was unveiled as the woman behind the bird: “This might be one of the best reveals we’ve ever had on the show.”

Lorraine said about her time on the Saturday night series: “I’ve loved being Owl – I’ve loved every single second – the show is so joyful.”

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