Jonathan Van Ness wants children as he would love to buy them clothes.

Jonathan Van Ness wants children as he would love to buy them clothes

Jonathan Van Ness wants children as he would love to buy them clothes

The ‘Queer Eye’ grooming expert, 37, who married his husband Mark Peacock in 2020, said he had always thought he was against the idea of becoming a father but after one of his female friends got him to look at children’s fashion over a boozy lunch he said he was sold on the idea.

He told the ‘Table Manners’ podcast – hosted by singer Jessie Ware, 39, and her mother Lennie – when the hosts asked him if he thought he would ever be a dad: “Guys, I’m breaking the news here first. I always said, ‘No’, and I was like, ‘I never want kids’.

“So then we were at Bergdorf Goodman in New York on Father’s Day, just like a week ago, right?

“And our friend was joking about how she wanted to get so thin that she could wear children’s clothes because designer children's clothes are so much cheaper than adult clothes.

“I looked into the children’s clothes department and I was like, ‘Oh, do I want a baby?’

“And then we’d had like – I’d had like two Bloody Marys at brunch, right?

“So I couldn’t tell if it was like, midday blackout or if it was like that I really wanted to be a parent.

“So Mark was like, ‘Can you wake up tomorrow talking about a baby then like, maybe we’ll talk about it’.

“By the end of the day, I already named the baby Aubrey and I’d already gotten into a fight with my sister-in-law, who was in town, randomly in New York, like Mark’s sister, and she was s******* on my baby names.”

Jonathan then added he thinks he wants to adopt a child with Mark.

And he thinks there will a lot of babies in need of parents in the US since the controversial 2022 overturning by the Supreme Court of the Roe v Wade ruling, which enshrined the right to abortions in the American constitution.

Jonathan said: “I love surrogates. I mean, that’s great. I just like, I feel like there are so many babies, and especially like not to be like, you know, a downer but especially like after Roe v Wade, there’s like, all these kids who like are gonna need like (mothers and fathers.)”

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