Zara McDermott is fronting a new documentary about bullying for BBC's 'Morning Live'.

Zara McDermott is fronting a new film about bullying

Zara McDermott is fronting a new film about bullying

The former 'Love Island' star - who appeared on last year's 'Strictly Come Dancing' and has produced a string of documentaries for the Beeb - has landed a presenting role with the broadcaster leading the new report in conjunction with The Open University.

The film - which will be aired on Thursday's (11.07.24) episode of the weekday programme and on iPlayer - will delve into online trolling.

In the expose, Zara reveals that her own online bullies are ordinary people, including teachers, parents and nurses.

The investigation centres on the idea of 'Everyday Extremism', and how sharing what appears to be innocuous content can actually contribute to hate speech.

She said: "I had a perception in my head that a troll was someone who sat in a dark room in a laptop all day spewing out hateful comments online.

"But actually these people are people with normal jobs, with friends, with children."

In the film, Zara speaks to Open University's Professor Kesi Mahendran, who discussed the way memes and jokes can escalate online.

He explained: "The key moment is when you communicate hostility to another person, and quite often you've done it by using something that may not actually be true and you're putting it out there because it damages that person or that group's reputation."

The 27-year-old star rose to fame on 'Love Island' in 2018, and last year she admitted she no longer sees herself as a reality star.

After becoming the first former Islander to be cast on 'Strictly', she told reporters: "I know obviously I am the first 'Love Island' contestant to do it, but I don't think there was ever specifically a ban for it. I just think that maybe the show wanted someone who had ventured out of that box, really. But look, I'm really proud of my background and where I've come from because I've grown so much and done so many things, so it does feel absolutely incredible.

"But also at the same time you know I don't see myself that much as like a reality person anymore, with the work I do now."

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