A 14,000-year-old frozen puppy has been discovered with a slice of extinct rhinoceros in its stomach.



The perfectly preserved canine is believed to be a dog or wolf and research found that it had eaten a woolly rhino for its final meal. It is believed that the puppy ate one of the last animals in the species, which is thought to have died out 14,400 years ago.

Dr. Sergey Fedorov, from Russia's North-Eastern Federal University, said: ''I am very happy that DNA analysis has confirmed this as a woolly rhino.

''I noticed that the shape of the skin was rather strange. It was rectangular.

''My experience of taxidermy shows that skin could not tear like this in a natural way, if it was bitten off by an animal, for example.

''It seems likely this piece of skin with such even edges was cut artificially by an ancient human. The puppy perhaps found the butchering waste of the carcass. When I saw this piece in its stomach, I was amazed.''

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