A huge eight-foot beehive had to be removed from an apartment's living room ceiling.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

A property owner in Richmond, Virginia had to call out a wildlife control company after reporting bees buzzing through the ducts.

Virginia Wildlife Management and Control owner Rich Perry told the Charlotte Observer: ''They called me up a few days ago and said: 'There are bees still coming out through the duct work.

''We used saws to cut a 6-foot opening the ceiling, and we kept having to make the hole bigger. The hive just kept going and going.''

Fortunately, the apartment was unoccupied but Perry revealed the hive - while also ''not fully occupied'' - was big enough for around 150,000 bees.

He added: ''This thing was humongous and it was inside the building, which is extremely unusual.

''We've dealt with hives before on the outsides of homes, in outside walls, but never inside the ceiling.''