Aliens could be travelling to Earth through hidden dimensions.

Aliens are able to travel through hidden dimensions

Aliens are able to travel through hidden dimensions

Harvard professor Avi Loeb is convinced that the extraterrestrials pass through "curled dimensions" that can only be detected by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN's particle-boosting accelerator in Switzerland.

Alien specialist Loeb argues that the little green men could have been developing dimension-hopping technology for billions of years using quantum gravity engineering.

The expert said: "The process of learning is incomplete - there are several major puzzles in modern physics.

"Within the mainstream of theoretical physics for the past decades, the prevailing paradigm is that it is possible to unify quantum mechanics and gravity unless you work with extra-spatial dimensions.

"We see only three of them in our daily life. But the idea is that the others are curled. And we can't really detect them unless we shoot particles that have exceptionally high energies that will probe these tiny scales.

"Of course, if there are extra dimensions, then the reality that we are familiar with extends into them. And then one can imagine life in more than three spatial dimensions. It will be far more diverse and interesting."