With potato farmers and processors struggling, Belgians are being asked to eat more chips and reverse a collapse in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eat More Chips

Eat More Chips

Belgium is apparently the world’s largest exporter of potato chips and other frozen potato products, exporting in the region 4 million tonnes of chips, mash and crisps every year.

But now with lockdown in full force due to the coronavirus pandemic closing cafes and restaurants, the industry’s prime customers for chip, the producers and processors have seen demand fall by over 75%.

As a result Belgians who already enjoy there fried treats are being asked to consume an extra portion of their fries to keep the processors going and avoid huge amount of potatoes going to waste.

It is not only in Belgium the potato industry is suffering with France, Germany and the Netherlands are also facing problems.

In Belgium, some 750k tonnes of potatoes look likely to not be processed this year and many are varieties that are not able to be used for other products.

If Belgians, the country that invented fries despite them being known as chips in the UK, eat one extra port a week it will save the countries chips.

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