A biscuit factory has beefed up security after gangs of kids tried to get their hands on their sweet bakes.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Burton's Biscuits in Blackpool were forced to put up an ''eight-foot-high-fence'' so the youths - some of whom were as young as eight - can't make it over to pinch their tasty treats.

Peter Turner, the health and environment manager at Burton's, said: ''It has been going on ever since I came here two years ago, and it probably happens three or four times a week.

''At the beginning it was just two or three, and now it's coming up to 50 children at a time attacking all our entrance points to the site.

''It's all times of the day, from late evening to 3am.

''We have put an eight-foot-high-fence around and they just jump over.''