Couples who drink alcohol together live longer.

Couples who drink together live longer

Couples who drink together live longer

A study has revealed that people in a relationship where both parties booze typically have longer lives but experts are puzzled as to why their results are better than couples who are teetotal or in which just one person drinks.

The boffins were inspired by the "drinking partnership" theory, which suggests that couples with similar alcohol consumption tend to have less arguments and longer marriages, although they focused on health as opposed to relationships.

Kira Birditt, a research professor at the University of Michigan, said: "Interestingly, we found that couples in which both indicated drinking alcohol in the last three months lived longer than the other couples that either both indicated not drinking or had discordant drinking patterns in which one drank and the other did not."

However, the team have cautioned against excessive boozing as the research had a "broad definition of drinking".