Prisoners could serve their sentences in mere minutes with an implant that loads the brain with memories and triggers emotions.

A brain implant could reduce prison sentences

A brain implant could reduce prison sentences

The unique Cognify concept will see criminals hooked up to a Virtual Reality-style headset that would force them to feel the grief of their victim's family through memories that have been generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The memories will play out in their minds at a slower pace than in real life so years of emotions are felt in minutes and the creators say it could provide fast-track rehabilitation instead of offenders spending years in jail.

Hashem Al-Ghaili, a biotechnologist and the leader of the project, said: "Once the target regions of the brain are identified. Cognify is then placed around the head of the prisoner. The intensity and the type of artificial memories are then adjusted depending on the crime.

"Synthetic memories are customised depending on the crime committed and the unique brain structure and psychological profile of the individual.

"The artificial memories implanted by the Cognify would be seamlessly incorporated into the existing neural networks of the brain, preventing cognitive dissonance and ensuring the subject experiences the memories as if they were real."