A bridesmaid has been branded ''attention-seeking'' for wearing a tiara to a wedding rehearsal.



The lady was slammed by Reddit users for the fashion faux pas, with a fellow guest explaining that she was ''mind-boggled'' after the wedding party had been asked to wear summer dresses to the event.

The guest wrote on the site: ''I'm not sure if it's petty or not of me to post this, I'm just genuinely mind-boggled.

''We were asked to wear sundresses for it ... I get there and said bridesmaid (25-year-old) has a crown on her head.

''Rhinestoned, glittery, homemade, and it stood-out.''

The guest also explained how the bridesmaid gave the tiara to the bride before it broke and users were left unimpressed with the antics.

One user said: ''If she does this at a rehearsal, what will she do at the actual wedding? God, some people are so desperate for attention it's unbelievable.''

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