Fish in the UK are high on cocaine.

Fish in Britain are exposed to drugs

Fish in Britain are exposed to drugs

The amount of raw sewage dumped in British waters means that traces of the powerful drug are making their way into rivers and seas and could even be altering the natural behaviour of the creatures.

Marine biologist Professor Alex Ford, from the University of Portsmouth, investigated the impact on a massive sewage pipe in Hampshire's Langstone Harbour - which contains the waste of around 400,000 Portsmouth residents - and was left stunned by his discoveries that revealed that fish are exposed to amphetamines and MDMA.

He told The Independent: "I was shocked when I saw the readings to be honest.

"These are unpublished results but so far we have tested crabs, shrimp, oysters, limpets, worms and seaweed.

"We thought (cocaine) would make shrimp swim quicker but it's hard to compare to other creatures.

"We don't know the full effect of it entering the water cycle, unfortunately. Many of these organisms will be exposed to a wide spectrum of different prescribed and illegal drugs."