A menu dating back from 1913 has been found at a cafe in Liverpool undergoing refurbishment.

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Full English

Workmen at the LEAF cafe discovered the piece of culinary history as they discovered the menu from January 1913 from the former Yamen Cafe.

Customers at the eatery more than a century ago were offered a selection of appetising "refreshments, luncheons and afternoon teas".

Staff at the modern cafe said the find had "blown their minds" and are planning to retreat some of the dishes as a tribute to the Yamen.

Natalie Haywood, from LEAF, told the BBC: "When I saw it I was staggered, it's like a time capsule hidden in the walls.

"To see what they were doing then, how forward-thinking and creative as a restaurant, is so inspiring.

"We have always known this is a historic building but having the menu in our hands has made it all feel real, something dating back to before the First World War."