Cats hate their owners.

Cats are full of hatred for their human owners

Cats are full of hatred for their human owners

A new study has found that feline lovers have been mauled, spied on and had their property wrecked by their moggies.

The research by Burns Pet Nutrition found that four in ten people are aware of their pet cat's eyes at the window watching them from outside while almost a fifth confessed they've been terrified by their feline leaping on them "out of nowhere".

Meanwhile, over a third of those surveyed revealed that they are only able to stroke their cat for five minutes before it flees or attacks them - with one in ten saying a cat attack has drawn blood.

Laura Crotch-Harvey, a nutritionist at the company, said: "Cats are wonderful and curious creatures - and that's why we love them.

"I'd bet every owner who's ever complained their furry friend has damaged property or given them a scratch, forgave them soon after."