A Swedish city will spread a tonne of chicken manure in a park to stop people from attending a festival.



Authorities in Lund say around 30,000 people have gathered in the Stadspark in the last few years to celebrate the spring festival Valborg.

Mostly students they travel to the southern city from all over the country.

Sweden's government has taken an advisory stance on the rules over the coronavirus pandemic, but Lund’s mayor was quick to warn that muck-spreading will go ahead in a not so subtle effort to persuade the potential visitors not to come.

Mayor Sandberg said a tonne of manure would be spread on the ground to put a damper on anyone thinking of turning up for the event.


Writing on Facebook, he said: "Sitting at Valborg in a park that stinks of chicken manure and where it makes noise with leaf blowing and other things is not a pleasant experience.

But on the positive side, that as chicken manure contains a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen, they would have a beautiful city park during the summer season.


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