Smart dogs succeed in different intelligence tasks.

Smart dogs can perform well in all tasks

Smart dogs can perform well in all tasks

Researchers in Hungary got more than 100 pooches for various tasks that tested key skills including memory, learning and problem-solving.

The cleverest canines scored highly across the board - in a similar manner to how smart pupils at school are able to master all subjects.

Scientists say that it is the first time that the "general intelligence" or "g factor" phenomenon has been found in dogs.

Professor Eniko Kubinyi, study author at Eotvos Lorand University, told MailOnline: "The study suggests that the structure of cognitive abilities in dogs is similar to that of humans.

"Dogs have a general intelligence that influences their performance on a range of cognitive tasks in a similar way to humans."

The "g factor" is linked to better academic and workplace performance for people but brainy dogs are able to fend for themselves effectively and help humans during times of crisis.