When it comes to relationship milestones that you may want to celebrate with your other half this is one that takes the biscuit.

Cake to celebrate a Fart

Cake to celebrate a Fart

But a couple from Queensland Australia recently celebrated a rather different occasion - the first fart.

The man bought his girlfriend a cake to congratulate her for finally farting in front of him after three years together.

Kaylie Warren passed wind in her boyfriend, Ryan McErlean presence which prompted him to presented her with a cake with a special message written in icing: Took you three years – congratulations for finally farting.

Kaylie tried to blame it on the dog but to no avail as he promptly went off and bought her the cake to celebrate this event.

Really though being, to embarrassed to fart in front of your boyfriend that you wait three years, only to have it go viral the first time that you do.

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