A young couple has asked strangers for help raising money to decorate their new home.

Couple want strangers to help decorate new home

Couple want strangers to help decorate new home

A 22-year-old woman is hoping the kindness of strangers will help her and her partner pay £30,000 to renovate their home, which they have been doing from "scratch".

Sharing their story on TikTok, she said: "We wanted to get this whole house renovation done in under a year and in doing so we started off with the easy options."

Initially giving the bedrooms a modern refresh, they went with green panelling and a neutral carpet, before moving onto bigger jobs.

On a tight budget, they did most work themselves to keep costs down, but now they want strangers to help out with the downstairs toilet, garden and outside of the home.

The woman claimed she has been quoted £15,000 for a new garden to fit her tastes, including lighting and a patio area, while the bathroom will also require extra funds.

She revealed she hopes to use TikTok's creativity programme to help "get £30,000 in four months".

She explained: "I've worked out I'm going to need 60 million views to get £30,000, so if you guys could help me by following me or even liking this video then I promise you I am going to deliver and show you the renovation."