A couple were left furious after paying £8.20 for two bottles of Coca-Cola.



Ron and Margaret Wiltshire paid a 'Covid fee' for the drinks at The Fat Cafe in Nottingham, with the extra money being used to stop the spread of coronavirus - and they have vowed not to return to the restaurant.

Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, Ron said: ''The barman came out to us with the drinks and a card machine. When we paid he mumbled something about 'the charge you've been told about'.

''My wife said, 'Wow £8.20 for 2 Diet Cokes!' They were bottles - not the large ones, but smallish glass bottles.

''On getting home I phoned to check and was told that the charge was for hand sanitiser and PPE.

''Now I know some companies are finding things a struggle but this is the only time I've been charged this, even small independent retailers don't charge. We will not be going back there again.''

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