A couple have defied astronomical odds after having a second child born on Leap Day.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Lindsay and Dane Demchak had daughter Scout on February 29. It comes four years to the day after Lindsay gave birth to their son, Omri, on February 29, 2016.

Scout's due date was on March 4 and the family had been decorating for Omri's birthday when Lindsay began having contractions early in the morning.

Dane said: ''Deep down, I wanted it to happen and always joked with my wife that she will be born then too, but never really believed it (would) happen again. I think they said the odds were 1 in 2 million.''

The couple have figured out how to celebrate the two kids' birthdays. They will celebrate with Omri on February 28 and Scout's on March 1 as she is younger. They will have a big celebration for the pair every Leap Day.

Dane added: ''Hopefully, it becomes a tradition that carries on with them as they grow old and something that keeps them close forever.''