A dog darted onto the track during a relay race and ended up crossing the finish line first.

A dog

A dog

The pooch, named Holly, was filmed dodging through the crowd of runners and passing leader Gracie Laney just as she is about to cross the line at a school track meet in the US state of Utah.

Laney admits that she was worried about losing the lead as she heard cheers from the crowd but did not expect a canine competitor to join proceedings.

She told KSL-TV: "I did notice that the crowd was going kind of crazy. But, you know, it was a big meet, and so I just thought there's a lot of people here."

Holly's owner explained that the dog caught a glimpse of the baton being exchanged and pulled the lead from their hand, although Laney was relaxed about the track invasion.

She said: "I honestly am just glad that we didn't get hurt. It's a fun experience."