Drinking tea for decades protects the heart.

Drinking tea has a lot of health benefits

Drinking tea has a lot of health benefits

Research has found that of the six most popular drinks, tea came out on top for having the most health benefits for both sexes.

A new study by the University of New South Wales in Australia found adults who consume the beverage for a long period of time have a significantly lower risk than average of dying from heart disease.

Dr. Carrie Ruxton, a dietitian at the Tea Advisory Panel, said: "The results of this new super-study show that tea comes top for protecting our hearts.

"It’s encouraging for our nation of tea drinkers to know that we’re doing our hearts a lot of good."

Tea contains a type of polyphenol called catechin - an antioxidant that improves gut health, reduces stress and boosts cardiovascular health.

Dr. Ruxton added: "This research is particularly important because it considers our drinking habits beyond a single snapshot in time.

"It found that every extra daily mug of tea cuts our risk of death from cardiovascular disease by four per cent and it shows the benefits of starting a long-term tea-drinking habit from early adulthood or even childhood."