Scientists have found an Earth-like planet that could sustain alien life.

Scientists have found a planet that is similar to Earth

Scientists have found a planet that is similar to Earth

The newly-discovered planet is called Gliese 12b and experts say that the remarkable find could be helpful in the quest for extraterrestrial life - even if there are no signs of existence there.

The planet is slightly smaller than Earth and is believed to be just a little bit hotter whereas many other planets outside the solar system are typically much larger and warmer than ours.

Astronomers think that Gliese 12b is one of the few known planets where humans could survive but there is a need to establish more information about its atmosphere.

Professor Thomas Wilson, a physicist at the University of Warwick, said: "This is a really exciting discovery and will help our research into planets similar to Earth.

"Sadly, this planet is a little far away for us to experience it more closely. The light we are seeing now is from 40 years ago - that's how long it has taken to reach us here on Earth.

"Planets like Gliese 12b are few and far between, so far us to be able to examine one this closely and learn about its atmosphere and temperature is very rare."