Big sea monsters are lurking in the planet's oceans.

Sea monsters are present in the planet's oceans

Sea monsters are present in the planet's oceans

Marine expert Dr. Charles Paxton argues that there are many unknown species - all over six feet long - that are yet to be discovered.

He says that "all bets are off" in terms of what is present in the sea and has refused to rule out the existence of creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster.

Dr. Paxton, from St Andrews University in Scotland, said: "There's a possibility of finding new animals greater than two metres long in the main trunk of the body.

"So we're talking big, chunky animals. All bets are off if you start saying what could be crawling down there - the deep sea benthos - because that's a different story.

"But then there are other ecological arguments we can infer about that - so large animals in the abyssal plain are a possibility."