Fat jabs such as Ozempic shouldn't be used for people to get "beach body ready".

Weight loss jabs shouldn't be used frivolously

Weight loss jabs shouldn't be used frivolously

NHS medics have revealed that increasing numbers are being hospitalised due to the side effects of weight loss injections.

Nausea and vomiting can happen if the jabs are taken but they can lead to more serious gut health problems - even though they are easily available for those looking to lose a few pounds before going on holiday.

Professor Sir Stephen Powis, NHS England's medical director, said: "Drugs including Ozempic and Wegovy should only be used by people prescribed them for obesity or diabetes.

"I'm worried about reports that people are misusing them - they are not intended as a quick fix for people trying to get 'beach body ready.'

"Buying medication online without a doctor's supervision can lead to complications and dangerous consequences."