More than a fifth of Brits say they fear for their futures - in case we're invaded by aliens.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The findings have been revealed in a study by FOX, to mark the launch of their new sci-fi drama 'War of the Worlds'.

Of the 2,000 adults asked, half believe in the existence of aliens and believes the planet should be preparing itself for an attack within the next 50 years.

The study also revealed that 22 percent are worried for their lives in the event of aliens coming to Earth and 71 percent suspect they would face danger from other humans during an invasion.

Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, said: ''These fascinating findings say as much as about distrust of government denials on UFOs as they do about people's belief in extra-terrestrial visitation.

''Intriguingly, they also suggest that people who think an alien invasion is possible believe one of the biggest threats would come from fellow survivors.''

'War of the Worlds' airs on FOX at 9 pm on Thursdays.