Foxes were once man's best friend.

Foxes were man's best friend in the past

Foxes were man's best friend in the past

Scientists were shocked to discover remains of the extinct Dusicyon avus fox buried in a human grave dating back 1,500 years in Argentina.

The experts think that the most likely explanation is that the animals were highly valued pets and companions - much like dogs are in the present day - and DNA analysis shows that foxes ate with prehistoric hunter-gatherers and were seen as a part of the camp's inner circle.

Dr. Ophelie Lebrasseur, study author from the University of Oxford, said: "Its diet resembled that of the humans buried on the site rather than the diet of wild canids, including your typical Dusicyon avus.

"Such a similarity in diets suggests it was either fed by the hunter-gatherers or it fed on the kitchen refuse."

She also emphasised that the foxes being buried alongside humans "held personal significance".

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