A pair of frisky flies had their moment of passion preserved for 41 million years.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The prehistoric insects were having sex when a globule of sap from a nearby tree landed on the rampant pair, with the moment discovered in fossilised form.

It's claimed this could be the earliest recorded example of a mating session and the discovery, made in Australia, is even more remarkable as flies only make love for a matter of seconds.

Professor Jeffrey Stilwell, from Monash University in Melbourne, said: ''You could say these long-legged flies were 'caught in the act' 41 million years ago - which is astounding.''

Stilwell also added that the discovery had given students at the university a giggle.

He said: ''The flies could have accidentally landed on the tree resin to mate, and then got stuck together forever, literally.

''You can imagine all of the statements by my amber student volunteers.''

Stilwell claimed that mating preservation is ''very rare''.