A man has broken a Guinness World Record after gaming for over 44 hours.



Bobby Gamache, who runs a video game streaming channel on Twitch together with his brother Mathieu, was only going to play 'World of Warcraft' for 34 hours but decided to prolong his gaming marathon when he found out someone else was chasing the record at the same time.

Mathieu told CTV News: "We learned at that time that someone else was actually trying to break the same Guinness World Record and they were almost close to the 40-hour mark at that time.

"Bobby actually took it upon himself to actually say, 'Look, you know what, we are already 34 hours into this thing. I can't lose. So let's go for another 12 hours and he did.'"

Bobby's final time of 44 hours, 44 minutes and 44 seconds surpassed the previous record for the longest video game marathon of 32 hours and 34 seconds set in 2017 by Florida gamer Ian Haimes.