Gaming geeks are more likely to disappoint in bed.

Gamers can't perform in bed

Gamers can't perform in bed

Men who spend their time sitting in front of consoles and computers are at quadruple the risk of erectile dysfunction compared to the average male.

Boffins from the Naval Medical University in China studied data from 224,000 Europeans and discovered that "leisure computer use" was connected to a 3.57 times greater chance of trouble between the sheets.

Zhao Hangfu, the author of the study, said: "Extended computer use for leisure raised the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction, which may be associated with lower follicle-stimulating hormone levels.

"Computer use may also affect inflammation and blood flow to the penile arteries."

The PhD student did explain that the issue can be resolved with exercise.

Hangfu said: "Previous research shows that physical activity could not only increase the level of testosterone but also help to improve cell function and relieve depression and anxiety.

"Physical exercise should be done to prevent erectile dysfunction caused by sitting for excessive periods of time."